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Welcome Fanto Puppies!

Announcing Fanto German Shepherd Puppies! We were beyond thrilled to be able to breed him to our females while he was visiting the USA from Europe. Fanto is "The Man" in the GSD world! 
German Shepherd Puppies

V Fanto Farhatal


Littermate to VA Falco Farhatal

Fato produces excellent quality

  • Health
  • Great temperament
  • Heavy boned
  • Stunning deep red & black coats

Comes from top sought after pedigree in Europe, USA and other countries.

Naughty x Fanto German Shepherd Puppies

2 gorgeous males and 4 beautiful females

German Shepherd Puppies
German Shepherd Puppies
German Shepherd Puppies
German Shepherd Puppies SC

Elfi x Fanto Pups

Photos coming soon

Trinity German Shepherd Puppies

With our very specialized, world-wide network within the industry, we have access to some of the best world-class bloodlines available. We offer stock coat and long coat German Shepherds with heavy bone structure and gorgeous pigment. Our puppies are born and raised in our home. They are socialized and hand led from day one.  For our clients who live outside a reasonable driving distance, we do offer a door-to-door delivery option.  Your dog or pup is picked up at our location and delivered to your home.

Our puppy training program includes crate training, potty training, "come", "down", "sit". We also put an enormous amount of time into playing, training and working our pups and dogs. It takes a lot of time and dedication but is completely worth it. Basic training includes "dome", "down", "sit", "leave it", "out" (drop what is in mouth), basic manners, and release command. Advanced training adds on/off leash with distractions, extended down & stay, "heel", "between" (go between legs), "place", "touch", "look" (eye contact), and "take it".